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The application of SSX02 in low carbon steel wire, welding wire, cold heading steel wire,which is the latest development of our company, its unique formula to solve the problems in the past lubricant in the process of drawing: poor lubrication, serious coking, drawing die easy bad, adsorption performance is low, it is difficult to clean and so on.
Product performance:
The faster the speed, the better the lubrication effect.
Heat resistance, in the high temperature of wire drawing, the surface of the steel wire surface lubrication film does not decompose metamorphism, not coking, and can be carried out in the wire without pickling.
Resistance to extreme pressure can, in the drawing of high carbon steel wire, special alloy steel wire, stainless steel wire, the wire in high temperature and high pressure drawing process, with the deformation temperature of steel wire, forming a solid lubricating film, the finished silk to the protective effect, can improve the surface quality of finished wire, of zinc, copper and so on have requirements of coated steel wire, lubricant film easy cleaning plated backlight brightness.
Adsorption performance and extension performance, in the wire drawing process, can form a lubricating film on the surface of the steel wire, along with the extension of the wire extension, can be many times, and can be used for wire without pickling.
Anti corrosion performance is good, non-toxic, no chemical pollution, so that the wire is not easy to rust, drawing process without odor, does not affect the normal operation of the normal health.
For long period, no rain, no wet condition, can be stored for 3-6 years, good chemical stability, does not decompose, not bad.

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